Friday, July 11, 2008

Zonia's Shield Mandala

Zonia.....what can I tell you about Zonia? She is a Tarot reader, quite accomplished. She is one of those women who is the ultimate master-of-self. She was in the middle of some personal trauma and drama at the time I interviewed her for her mandala portrait.
During the interview certain comments and statements made it very evident that she was a bridge between several different alternatives. Trauma and Drama have a way of ripping us from one dimension to another and peeling away the onion-layers away, shining the harsh light of reality on the very core of us. Zonia had a shield of protection built up and it was very difficult getting through. I created two mandalas for her, one for each world she had a foot in. Then I created this one for me, to remind me of the shield that Zonia had constructed to protect her from vulnerability.

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